About Us

Libyan International Company for Communication Technology LNET

The Libyan International Company for Information Technology (LNET) was founded at the beginning of 2013, starting to urge the footsteps to contribute to the development of the Internet infrastructure in Libya. In a short time, it was able to launch services to cover a wide geographical area extending between the cities of Tobruk and Sirte in the east to Zuwara in the west and including Greater Tripoli, the cities and suburbs of Tarhuna, Maslatah, Qarapoli, Qasr Al-Akhyar, Al-Alous, Al-Khums, Zliten and Misurata. Thanks to Allah’s grace and then to the confidence of its customers, the company soon became the largest private provider of Internet service in Libya in terms of geographical spread and the size of the infrastructure.

Amidst such challenges, the company has gained the trust of many individual clients, government and private bodies and institutions by offering innovative Internet solutions with specifications of high reliability and stability. It has also sought to achieve its most important goal, which is to reach all Libyan cities, with a permanent commitment to the quality of service and work to satisfy customers at different locations and with various activities.